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Yahoo Chat Ignore List and Spam Filter Archive (Legacy)

This archive was last updated February of 2008 and is no longer maintained.

To help you share your ignore list check out the format stripper. It leaves you with only a list of user names from a formatted YahElite ignore file (usually found under the Windows or YahElite directory as YahElite_Ignore.INI)

YahElite Ignore List Format Stripper
(This tool is not needed to use the following already made lists.)

Plain Text Ignore Lists:

IgnoreList_10664.txt (173kb) 2/11/2008
IgnoreList_10460.txt (171kb) 12/28/2007
IgnoreList_9012.txt (143kb) 5/14/2007
IgnoreList_8097.txt (127kb) 2/28/2007
IgnoreList_7040.txt (109kb) (? 1/17/2007)
IgnoreList_6511.txt (102kb) (? 1/17/2007)
IgnoreList_6029.txt (95kb) (? 1/17/2007)
IgnoreList_4543.txt (72kb) (? 1/17/2007)

YahElite Ignore INI Files:

(To Use: Right Click and SaveAs ...then, (YahElite Menu)->Toys->Ignore: Import)
YAHELITE_Ignore_10664.INI.txt (339kb) 2/11/2008
YAHELITE_Ignore_10460.INI.txt (334kb) 12/28/2007
YAHELITE_Ignore_9012.INI.txt (283kb) 5/14/2007
YAHELITE_Ignore_8097.INI.txt (253kb) 2/28/2007
YAHELITE_Ignore_7040.INI.txt (218kb) (? 1/17/2007)
YAHELITE_Ignore_6511.INI.txt (203kb) (? 1/17/2007)
YAHELITE_Ignore_6029.INI.txt (188kb) (? 1/17/2007)
YAHELITE_Ignore_4543.INI.txt (142kb) (? 1/17/2007)

(These INI files have the .txt extentions appended to them because of browser complications. Do you have to remove the extra extentions? I don't think so, YahElite seems to still process them even if it's opened as a plain text file. This probably makes it pointless to provide the INI's.)

Wildcard Ignore Lists:

Wildcard_IgnoreList_269.txt (4kb) 5/14/2007
Wildcard_IgnoreList_251.txt (4kb) 2/28/2007
Wildcard_IgnoreList_243.txt (3.35kb) (? 1/17/2007)
Wildcard_IgnoreList_239.txt (3.31kb) (? 1/17/2007)
Wildcard_IgnoreList_209.txt (3kb) (? 1/17/2007)