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YConvert Web Converter


YConvert is a single PHP page video upload and conversion tool. This page allows uploading a video file, such as a FLV or MP4 YouTube video. The video is uploaded, converted to an MP3 audio file, then copied to a specified storage location.


YConvert version 1.2 Screenshot




Lacking security considerations; not intended for production servers.
You are required to modify User options and paths found in the web script.
You are also required to prepare proper permissions for these paths.
YConvert version 1.2 User Configuration Screenshot

Modifications to one or more of the following limits imposed by the php.ini file may be required:


Download: yconvert.php.txt (8.2 KB) Version 1.2 (Current)
MD5 Sum: 217F464880C0BA4A2722F7FC6E459F97

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