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XLibrary is my attempt to maintain a usable library of C++ code to handle routine tasks. The main focus of the library is maintainability through consistency and simplicity. The secondary focus is to have a simple, usable, and object oriented interface; avoiding, but learning from the horrible precedents set by popular libraries.




XLibrary is tested to compile on:
  • MinGW32 GCC 3.4.5
  • Borland C++ Builder 6 (now Embaracadero/CodeGear)
  • Visual Studio 2003 (C++)

Source Code: (161 KB) Version 2.3
MD5 Sum: 03f6f08ee234fe14344be695bb5f63f5

DirectX Module Test - Visual Studio 2003
Source Code: (968 KB) For version 2.3
MD5 Sum: 857380bcc9982f9383cb4af12164c3d8
Note: Extract in XLibrary 2.3 directory. Assumes ImageTest.bmp is in the executable's directory. Also assumes Windows is on the C:\ drive to locate tada.wav for DirectSound test.

Version History