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Unescape - Hex Decoder

Unescape is simple Qt graphical application that decodes escaped hexadecimal text into plain text. Unescape was intended preform some of the same decoding that JavaScript's unescape function provides.

Unescape v1.1 ScreenShot



Targeted for Qt 4.7.0
Created with Qt Creator 2.2.1 (4,109 KB) (Recomended) Windows binary ZIP package - Version 1.1
MD5 Sum: 374608fdc986caa09666fbad8c9bed9d

unescape.exe (26 KB) (Requires Qt4) Windows executable only - Version 1.1
MD5 Sum: 7c1fde8cc6d67f4ce069c9654090cc66
Compressed via UPX v 3.0.7w (
Gitorious Source Code Repository:
Targeted for Linux, Windows, Mac and more.
Source Code:
Targeted for Linux, Windows, Mac and more. (6 KB) Qt Creator 2.2.1 Source Code - Version 1.1
MD5 Sum: 56839d73c1ab8e68480fd26231b7bdb4

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