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Quick Calendar


Made out of necessity, Quick Calendar is just that, a graphical monthly calendar. It is not a planner or anything else.

Running windows as a restricted user, without the privilege to set the date and time, prevents you from opening up the date and time dialog and it's handy calendar. So I made this calendar.

Quick Calendar Screenshot


Resizing the window to a large enough size will allow it to show more than one month calendar at once!


Download: QuickCalendar.exe (230 KB) Version
MD5 Sum: 613e6dbc452d21874df3fc1afc95de27
Compressed via UPX v 2.3.0 ( down from 582 KB.

Source Code: (10 KB)
MD5 Sum: acc83e6e1777f809523d462ebfb4ff9f
(Merely a form with a VLC calendar control. There is no real source code to speak of.)