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QPath - PATH variable management tool

QPath is a graphical PATH variable management tool.

QPath ScreenShot




Beta testing release. This tool modifies the system registry entry related to your system wide Path environmental variable. A bug or failure could corrupt this registry entry. Use at your own risk.


Targeted for Windows.

Should work on most versions of Windows.
Linux portability is a future goal of this project.
Download: (4,389 KB) Version
MD5 Sum: a2f6e43091cf382e8c819ad6a380b10b
Compressed via UPX v 3.0.4w ( down from  KB.
Gitorious Source Code Repository:
Targeted for Linux, Windows, Mac and more.
Source Code:
Targeted for Linux, Windows, Mac and more.

QPath_1.1.1.2_SourceCode.7z (7 KB)
MD5 Sum: cc725dbc3d0db9ca70ce0728d639d0cf
QPath_1.1.1.2_SourceCode.tgz (7 KB)
MD5 Sum: f9f534a01a9a3c7b9bc4a1334bcdd93f (9 KB)
MD5 Sum: d7234a327efe0cdc63cf874df878acb4

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