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Proxy Tester News

August 8, 2009

I have began reviewing the needs of this project; it has sat dormant for quite a long time. I finished implementing the progress bars and made some improvements to the interface. The interface seemed difficult to figure out before, it might be a little better now. I tested that the functionality of the proxy tester worked, although Socks5 still isn't implemented. I also tested the leacher, which worked but is pretty buggy. The port bindings seems very buggy still, but doesn't really matter, because the leacher doesn't currently leach the port with the IP. Every IP leached is entered into the list with each of the ports listed in the port bindings. This project could use another good update, and then some finish work.

January 21, 2008

I've overhauled my repository code used in the Proxy Tester project. Before continuing I plan on overhauling it with the new modules. For more information see the Project News post. This will be a small delay on the progress of this hanging project.

December 27, 2007

It started as a simple application to import a list of server/IP's and do a quick TCP connect test. Now version 2 beta is posted. Version 2 adds more reliable HTTP request tests, proxy leaching to grab server lists from web sits, and socks support.
Some improvements can still be made and there are a few bugs. Socks5 support is not yet added, although Socks4 and Socks4a now supported along with HTTP proxies.
Updated to the new web page layout for better compatibility.