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Proxy Tester
A basic HTTP/Socks proxy tester and leacher. Import a text list of servers or leach some from proxy list web sites. Then score each proxy server for successful connections to a server or web page request, sort them by score, and keep only the good ones.
(beta version
Beta Proxy Tester Screenshot  ver



Configure then start the leach engine, the testing engine, or run one then the other automatically from the main control panel.


No Socks5 support just yet.


Download: ProxyTester.exe (295 KB) Version
MD5 Sum: aacc9a58896f04b17cfe70fddbd4255c
The exe is compressed via UPX v 3.03w ( down from 827 KB.

Source Code: (70 KB)
MD5 Sum: ce6f67c527a7defd0715ac576efc6998

Version History

Version History:
Proxy Tester Screenshot ver