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A collection of SoCo Software's applications and tools provided free with source code. These started as just a collection of my personal tools built out of necessity, which some have evolved to unique projects. These are mostly Windows applications, but linux/crossplatform and embedded projects are on their way.


PIC M68 Display - MPLAB C18 source module for using a 'Hitachi style' M68 LCD display with a PIC18 micro controller.
Code Bits - A browse-able and eventually search-able collection of smaller code snippets (A work in progress).
XLibrary - General purpose C++ source library including general classes for lists, strings, and buffers, as well as networking classes.


Quick Calendar - Just a graphical calendar. Not a planner.
Open In CMD - An installer for a registry to add Open In CMD to your Windows Explorer right-click menu.
QPath - PATH variable management tool.


ELC - Error Level Comparer. Visually compares compression error levels of jpeg images


FS - DCC file server Python plugin for the XChat IRC client.
PIC (Proxy IRC Chat Client) - Basic IRC chat with advanced proxy support.
SoCo IRC - In developement cross platform IRC chat client, based on the Qt 4 framework.
yahClient (Client for Yahoo Messenger chat) - In developement chat client.
Yahoo Ignore Archive - A text list of ignored Yahoo chat ID's which can be imported in most chat clients.
YahElite Ignore List Format Stripper - Rips a plain list of ID's from a formatted YahElite ignore INI files.


PLF - Proxy List Formatter, Properly formats host name and port server lists.
Proxy Tester - Tests lists of proxies for reliability.


Privilege Spawner - Application launcher to execute preset applications/commands under an alternate windows user account (such as Administrator) without logging each in.


Random String Generator - Generates a escaped string of pseudorandom bytes.
Unescape - Hexadecimal escaped text decoder.
Comment Stripper - Removes comments from source code.
SLC - Source Line Counter.
Source Packager - Packages source code files and project files for distribution.
Template Assembler - Basic line based text file templating Python script.


FAHS - Folding @ Home Stats, tracker and charts.
YConvert - Web script for automating upload and conversion of video files.

Older Projects

Old Loop Maker - A simple music composition program that uses DirectX for sound.
Older projects - Source code and/or screen shots of some projects I've done when I was younger (10 to 15 years old).