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Proxy List Formatter


A small, simple GUI program that imports a proxy list file in one of 2 flexible formats common to leaching from proxy sites. Optionally scrubs out duplicates, then saves the result as a new file with each IP/port pair in the common IP:Port format.



Proxy IP/port lists leached from proxy sites are typically not formatted for easy use. Normally the IP and port are separated by spaces, tabs, or a colon. Also, proxy sites may prepend garbage to the beginning of each line to deter leaching. PLF takes in this format and pumps out a clean list with IP:Port entries.


Download: PLF.exe (191 KB) Version
MD5 Sum: b4224839e3022af5244563b4a41cb1fe
Compressed via UPX v 3.0.4w ( down from 483 KB.

Source Code: (6 KB)
MD5 Sum: 2e29394963cc587b421a0347443c5f1e