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PIC - Proxy IRC Chat

A minimalist GUI Windows IRC Client with the ability to connect through proxies. Built out of necessity. PIC has transparency options and and a light intuitive, tab based, interface.

PIC IRC Screenshot



This project is still beta. It's likely most functionality works, although there may be a few bugs. Development is still being done in a beta way, where new builds may introduce new bugs when first posted, so check the News regularly.


Targeted for Windows XP and 2000.
Should work on Windows 98 (although transparancy will be disabled)
Download: PIC.exe (334 KB) Version (Current Beta)
MD5 Sum: 86859357ffe295acaae1ffc2545210c3
Compressed via UPX v 2.3.0 ( down from 928 KB.

Source Code: (93 KB)
MD5 Sum: d0538fff41d23d6cad727486e6fc1b6b

Version 1.2 History

All ver 1.2 exe's are compressed via UPX v 2.3.0 (

Version 1.1 History