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FS - XChat DCC File Server Plug-in


A multi-threaded IRC DCC file server written in Python as a plug-in for the XChat IRC client.



Server XChat Commands:

  /fsstart /fstop

(home directory, root share folder)
  /fssethome {dir}
(refresh interval for rebuilding shared file list)
  /fssetrefresh {seconds}

(Banned user management)   /fsaddban {user}
  /fsremoveban {user}
  /fsisbanned {user}

  /fstest {message} - simulate PM from 'Nick'

Client Private Message Commands:

  !help - Server name/version, list user commands and syntax
  !cat - List catagories
  !get {file#} - Initiate DCC send of file
  !cd - Change directory. Limmits search to a certain path.
  !cancel / !stop - Cancels listing of search results.
  !search {Search_Expression} - simple wild card search of files
  !search [-r] [(+/-)c CategoryA [,CategoryB...]] Search_Expression
         +r - Search_Expression is a regular expression
   -c or +c - Explicitly include or exclude a category or list list of categories


Use /fsstart to start the server. Because the plug-in script is multi-threaded, you must use /fsstop to stop the server before uninstalling the plug-in or closing XChat. This allows the script to stop and cleanup the threads. Not doing so will cause XChat to crash in both cases.


Download: (44 KB) Version
MD5 Sum: 340f42f2ca46bcb6932764c94d2dfbb6

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