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About SoCo Software


Welcome to SoCo Software. This site is provided as a clean, script free, low bandwidth site, with no spyware, malware, trojans, or Ads! This site is a free, donation supported service, currently provided and supported solely by SoCo.


This site provides an outlet for SoCo Software's free and mostly open source tools, applications, and development resources.

About Projects

A collection of SoCo Software's applications and tools provided free with source code. These started as just a collection of my personal tools built out of necessity, which some have evolved to unique projects. These are mostly Windows applications, but linux/crossplatform and embedded projects are on their way.

About Links

A collection of links to usefull web sites and free software.

About Support

See contacts page for support emails. I will attempt to personally provide support for applications in SoCo Software's project and will try to help with compiling of the source code to a certain extent.

About Contacts

The contacts page lists emails related to this site to contact for site administration, support, bug reporting, suggestions, etc.